Ways to Spend Less on Electricity

We all tend to have to pay for electricity. The bills can tend to seem really high. Electricity is expensive and so it is good to see if there are things that you can do to get that cost down.

Switch lenders

The quickest and easiest way to get cheaper electricity is to switch lenders. It is wise to compare the prices between different lenders frequently to make sure that you are not paying more than necessary. There are comparison websites that you can use and they will let you know how much you might be able to save if you switch to certain providers according to how much energy you tend to use. You will need to know either how much you usually pay or how much electricity you use, so that they can compare and let you know which will be the cheapest. You may feel it will be a hassle to switch, but there is no disruption in supply, you will just need to read your meter when asked to and then it will all be switched over automatically. It is possible to save hundreds of pounds a year if you swap lenders and some people save even more so it is good to check as it can make a big difference.

Use less

Although part of the electric bill is a standing charge, you will get charged for your usage as well. The amount that you pay for this will be lower if you use less electricity. There are different things that you can try which will reduce the amount that you use and you may find some easier than others. It can be good to think about ways you may waste electricity perhaps by having heaters on unnecessarily, as well as lights and other gadgets. Consider whether you might benefit from having a smart meter so you can identify what is using the most electricity and this can help you use those things less. Even things like using an airer instead of a tumble drier, only washing when you have a full load and buying more efficient white goods when they need replacing will make a difference to how much you use. It can be a good idea to think about everything that is plugged in and unplug it if it does not need to be, so extension leads, charging cables, computers and monitors, televisions etc as even doing this will make some difference to the electricity you use and can all add up .

Get solar panels

Solar panels are expensive. If you need to pay someone to fit them, they can be even dearer. However, if you get a good set and they last a long time, you will find that you will benefit form them. They will generate free electricity and you will not only benefit form using that free energy but you will be able to get some money for some going back to the National Grid as well. The amount you make form this is quite small but the amount you save in electricity you use is big. You will benefit most form running most appliances at the brightest times of the day and not running everything at the same time. If you have to borrow the money to buy the panels then you may not benefit form them as the cots of the loan may offset any savings you make in electricity. Whether you can benefit will deed on whether you have anywhere you can put them and whether this place gets direct sunlight for most of the day or not. A fitter should be able to let you know and calculate how long it will take you to make back the money you have invested in the panels.

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