How to Exercise on a Tight Budget

We all need to exercise if we want to stay fit and healthy and most of us are able to do this. However, it can seem that exercising is expensive and that we will not be able to do it if we do not have much money. It is true that there are certain things that you will have to pay out a lot of money for. These include gym memberships, exercise classes, personal trainers and sports that need specific equipment. However, there are things that you can do which are cheap or free and it is good to get to know what these are so that you can still stay fit and healthy even if you have a very small budget. Below are some examples of things that you can try.


Walking is a really good exercise. It is weight bearing which means that it is good for our bones as well as having the other health benefits of exercise. It needs no special equipment either. It is possible to do it inside or outside and as long as you have a pair of supportive shoes you can do it easily. If you are inside, then you probably do not even need good shoes as the flooring ill give you the support that you need, but outside you will need something that will protect you from the pavement. You can go fast or slow and so it on flat ground or hilly ground so you should be able to find something suitable for your fitness level.


Running has one slight expense and that is shoes. You do not need special clothing but you will need to make sure that you feet are well supported. Running puts more strain on the joints than walking and you will need a good shoe that will absorb some of the energy to help protect you from this strain. The shoes may not be massively expensive depending on where you get them and what brand you decide to go for.


These can be expensive if yougo to a professional class but you can do it at home for a lot less. There are lots of online instructors that you can find and some will have a small fee and others will be free. These can allow you to be able to exercise without the need to pay out a lot of money. You will need a yoga mat, but these are not too expensive and you may even be able to get one second hand.


Aerobics can be great aerobic activity and more fun than running. It can easily be done inside the house without a need to pay to go to a class. You may be able to find online videos that you can follow for free or you could just make up your own routines and exercises. If you have done aerobics before then you will know what sorts of things to do and you can make it more fun by using exercises that you like.

Strength training

If you like the idea of building up muscle, then you will not necessarily need to go to the gym or lift weights. You will be able to do this at home using things that you find around the house. Things like bottles and tins can be handy but even baskets of washing or piles of books could also be used.

If you are inventive you can find all sorts of things that you can do form stair climbing to jogging round the garden. It can be easy to find a way to do exercise in the home or outside of the home without having to spend out a great deal of money.

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